First and foremost we love our fish and animals. For us it’s not just a business, it’s a mission.

“To ensure that all fish in our care are looked after and have the optimum enviroment.”

It is with this mindset that we created our business and set out to work each day.

When using our service to supply and setup your aquarium you can rest assured that we’ll ensure that your fish are in a healthy environment. And at the same time complement the room in which it is situated.

Our maintenance service is run in such a way that we take as little time as necessary on your property while giving you and your fish the optimum service you deserve.

If you are currently looking to buy an aquarium or even have and aquarium built to suit a given setting look no further. we supply aquariums from the best manufacturers and take custom orders.

The products we sell have been used by us and our customers and have proven to be of good quality.

Years experience